Eyelash Extension Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are Eyelash Extensions? A: Eyelash extensions are applied carefully by a trained professional using a unique last to last technique. During your consultation, a Technician will help you choose a style that will enhance your natural beauty and compliment your face shape while being cohesive with your lifestyle needs.          

  Q: How often will I need to get them done? A: Since our natural lashes ‘shed’ like the rest of the hair on our body, you will need to get ‘fills’ for your extensions. Fills are recommended every 2 - 3 weeks.     

  Q: How long does an appointment last? A: An application of eyelash extensions lasts between 45 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the clients desired look.    

  Q: Will the extensions damage my own lashes? A: As long as your extensions are applied correctly and you follow the aftercare instructions carefully your natural lashes will be fine.

   Q: Can I wear makeup and cleanse my face with eyelash extensions? A: Absolutely! You will want to avoid oil based products as these will remove your lashes. Also, waterproof makeup is difficult to remove and excess rubbing may damage your lashes. Powders and pencils are just fine! An oil free mascara is great to pump up the volume!     

  Q: Will I be able to swim, shower, and exercise with my new lashes? A: Yes! It is recommended to avoid water for the first 12 hours to allow the adhesive to fully bond. We also carry a sealer product to help extend the life of your lashes during rigorous workouts and other activities. The sealer puts a coating over your adhesive so excess oils can’t break it down.      

Q: What’s the difference between a Classic set and a Volume set? A: The Classic lash set is a one to one lash extension application. While giving a mascara like finish, this look can give a natural and beautiful appearance. Customizable with different curl type and lengths. The Volume lash set is a multiple extension per natural last application. Using light weight lashes, we are able to do a 2D to 5D last stacking technique. It gives a full dark wispy look while making the last line ultra black. The Volume set is very customizable to each specific client. You can go from a natural volume for those with fine lashes or a very dramatic look for those with medium to course lashes.     



Hair Services Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is balayage? A: Balayage is a French technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is ‘painted on’ in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.     

Hair Extensions

Q: How do hair extensions work? A: Hair extensions are attached to your natural hair. There are several methods of hair extension that we offer at Reflections. The extensions are applied to the base or root of your hair and they grow out as your hair grows.  

Q: How do you clean hair extensions? A: Cleaning is easy! You wash your hair extensions as your wash your hair, no fuss!  

Q: How long do hair extensions last? A: Between 6-8 weeks. Because your hair extensions are attached to the base of your hair, they will grow with your hair. After there is about an inch of space between your root and your extension, it is time to come back in and get them placed back to the base of your hair. Some types of hair extensions, such as tape hair extensions can be reused up to three different times before needing to get new hair.     


Q: Do hair extensions damage your real hair? A: If applied accurately and taken care of properly, there is no damage to the natural hair. 

Q: Can I use regular styling tools and products on hair extensions? A: Yes! Curling, blowdrying, and flat ironing are all dafe for your hair extensions! We only recommend that you keep heat away from the BASE of your hair extension that way the attachment will stay strong.     

Q: How do you maintain hair extensions? A: Every 6-8 weeks.